Thursday, May 04, 2006

Outdoor Cats

3 things that make you happy:
Outdoor cats

2 things you looking forward to today:
Anchor Blocks
Ball Mosaic

2 long term things you looking forward to:
Unit Blocks
Umtanum Creek

1 person you are going to appreciate:
Jo, et al


Kathryn P. said...

How are they doing with the leashes? I'm considering getting one for Sam for the summertime. Sophie has been allowed out into the backyard lately, and Sam is pretty upset about it. :)

Alan said...

They think it's pretty good.

I let them work out gradually, starting at the back door (open!) and and then shifting their anchor point further out as the move on.

So far, if they are unhappy with the length of the leash, they seem to only be wishing it were just a few inches longer -- just long enough to get that bug ...